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Forum for Environment

If we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.

Forum for Environment is a local environmental NGO working on different environmental and climate change related issues. Let's keep our earth green!

On these pages you will find information about Forum for Environment in general and about our current projects. Further, we provide some of our publications for download and give access to our digital resource center.

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The Annual General Assembly Meeting of FfE will be held on 19 Mach 2016 at Aphrodite International Hotel.
Agenda Items:
1. Presentation and approval of activity and audit report for 2015
2. Presentation and approval of action plan and budget for 2016
3. Election of board members


A training workshop on climate change impacts and weather forecast was held at Adama town on November 7-8 2015. The workshop was organized by Forum for Environment (FfE) with the collaboration of the National Meteorological Agency (NMA). Pictures of the event can be found on our Facebook page.


New website launched

Welcome to our new website! After a complete redesign, we proudly present the new FfE website. We hope you like it. If you have any questions, feedback or think that we are missing some information that was available on the old website, please let us know: info@ffe-ethiopia.org


Akirma on ebs TV

The new television program on ebs TV by FfE in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Forest is broadcasted every sunday at 2pm and fridays at 8pm. You can watch all episodes on our YouTube channel.


Re-launch of CCC-E

Despite all the challenges, the steering committee has finally managed to legally register with the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency (ChSA) under the name Consortium for Climate Change Ethiopia (CCC-E). This evolution of the former ECSNNCC to CCC-E has taken us such a long time to happen and demanded exertion of utmost efforts and collaboration of key partners such as the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and Dan Church Aid (DCA) Ethiopia Country Office. The main objectives of the consortium include awareness raising on climate change, building capacity of member organizations, organize experience sharing programs and actively engage in international negotiations. CCC-E has a vision to bring about climate resilient sustainable development that responds to the needs and interests of the most vulnerable groups. Promoting climate change agenda in Ethiopia through advocacy, networking, research and capacity building is the mission of the consortium. You can have a look at some pictures of the event on our Facebook page.


Dimtsi Woyane Tigray Radio Program

In Mutual collaboration with Dimtsi Woyane Tigray (DWET), Forum for Environment was implementing radio programs for about 28 consecutive weeks in Afar region. The radio programs, which have a length of 20 minutes, are produced and broadcasted in Afar language by Dimtsi Woyane Tigray (DWET). The main goal of these programs is to create awareness in the areas of climate change and its consequences and ways to mitigate environmental impact. Financial support was provided by the SCIP project. The radio programs are available for download at the SCIP project website.


New TV program on ebs

FfE in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Forest will start a new television program on ebs TV. Watch the trailer here: